Opening Statement

Candidates are allowed to share any information they would like

Candidates had 1 minute and 30 seconds for an opening statement.

In the Republican race to represent Utah Congressional District 3 in the United States Congress, we currently have 12 candidates (3 have withdrawn from the race). We invited all candidates to participate in this debate. We have received submissions from 11. Not every candidate answered each question. Candidates who did not submit answers to questions were noted “Declined to Participate.” One candidate was unable to submit videos and submitted short written responses and his responses were submitted verbatim. The speaking order of the candidates for this debate has been selected at random using Random Thing Picker. Candidates have not seen each others responses. Now you have the opportunity to compare each candidate's best answers with the others. We hope you enjoy!

Damian Kidd

John Curtis

Debbie Aldrich

Shayne Row

My name is Shayne H. Row. I am running for Republican Congress in 3rd district. I am excited to be in election. I grew in West Jordan and Murray. I am deaf. I want to help deaf people, deaf and blind, autism, disability people. Health care is important. Police issues are a problem and I want to help solve any problem that Police have. Deaf people have hard time to communication without interpreter. There isn’t enough of interpreter. Deaf people depend on the interpreter to communication with doctors, CSI, ETC, verily.

Stewart Peay

Deidre Henderson

Margaret Dayton

Keith Kuder

Brad Daw

Christopher Herrod

Paul Fife

Tanner Ainge

Declined to Participate